Indian Institute of
Information Technology

IIIT Trichy


App Devs Club

Club which learn, build and develop apps together.

Web Devs Club

Not spiders, but the best web developers are found here.

Game Devs Club

The best part, you can play games here too.
Go! Go! Go!, Cover Me!, Fire in the Hole! are a few common words.

Competitive Coding Club

Competitive coding is a game.
You practice and get better everyday.

Robotix Club

Building robots is a daily task for them.

Electronix Club

Yeah, these people play with current and signals!

IOT Club

You see that chair, soon it will be connected to the internet!

Sports Club

The most popular club, offereing all available sports.

Photography Club

Lights. Camera. Shoot!

Entrepreneurship Club

Be the future business tycoon.

Literature and Fine Arts Club

Et tu, Brute?

Feliz Club

The most loving and caring people can easily be found here.