Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Rules and Regulations for PhD

Download Ph.D regulations
Amendments to Ph.D regulations

Forms for PhD

  1. Enrolment_form
  2. DC Proposal form
  3. First DC Meeting Minutes
  4. Registration form
  5. Progress Review form
  6. Comprehensive Viva Proposal form
  7. Comprehensive Examination Report form
  8. Synopsis Submission form
    1. CPO form
    2. Synopsis Meeting Minutes
    3. Form for list of External Examiners
    4. Guidelines for preparation of Synopsis
    5. Certificate from the thesis supervisor
    6. Guidelines for preparation of thesis
  9. Thesis Submission form
    1. Thesis Submission Certificate
    2. No Dues form
  10. Compliance Report
    1. Final DC Meeting Minutes
  11. Report of Oral Examination for PhD Thesis Defense